Metal fab grinding

Why do our technicians deburr metal?

Fabricated metal pieces normally have rough, uneven surfaces before a metal fabrication technician proceeds with the metal finishing process. The tech uses deburring equipment to smooth away excess metal or “burrs” from flat and edged surfaces.

Deburring offers the following benefits:

  • Safety: Smoother surfaces protect technicians, clients and/or future end-users from damaging their clothing or injuring themselves on jutting metal fragments that vary in size.
  • Efficiency: Rough surfaces make it more difficult for technicians to handle and assemble pieces in a timely and efficient manner, especially when working with parts that slide into other parts.
  • Refinement: In terms of crafting high-quality products that look great, deburring and other processes help to create the best possible finished results.

At Cadet Steel, we educate our Denver clients so that they can better understand custom metal fabrication. For more information about deburring or any other fabrication topics, contact our experienced team today.

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