What is Metal Stamping?

What is Metal Stamping? What is metal stamping and why would it be required in the metal fabrication business? Well, it is a process that uses dies to transform flat metal sheets into shapes. And Cadet Steel is just the company to call if your business or project needs any metal fabrication work, including metal stamping.

You probably have some products in your home that has parts created through metal stamping because it is a procedure and process used in everything from your household washer and dryer to the automotive industry and everything in between. Metal sheets can be molded into shapes for household items like pots and pans, or it can be achieved with large machines.

So, briefly, here is how it works. Hydraulic and mechanical are the two types of stamping presses. Machines that stamp metal cast, punch, cut, and shape metal sheets. To create 3-D images or shapes, a flat sheet of metal is inserted into a die and then a press creates the object. Sheets of up to 1/4-inch thickness are molded into specified shapes and sizes, depending on what the customer desires. Copper, aluminum, zinc and stainless steel are some of the metals used by most companies offering metal stampings to their clients.

Other metal forming processes have been replacing metal stamping lately because of lower production costs. The products can also be stronger and more durable than those made in other metal formation processes, which appeals to a greater audience by keeping costs down, and parts can be turned out at a faster rate.

Sheet metal material’s formability is its primary attribute. Formability is the materials ability to be: bent, stretched and drawn. On the other hand, ductility is the materials ability to deform and elongate without fracture. The extent that stamping is subjected to such deformation is directly related to the part’s overall shape and geometry. Other factors that make a difference in formability is the press, the die design, press speed, lubrication, monitor and control systems, and sheet feeding mechanisms.

When your business or hobby requires metal stamping or fabrication services, count on Cadet Steel to create a custom design that will suit all your needs. Bring your business to the next level using cutting edge designs, durable products that withstand the test of time, and fabricators and welders that are confident and skilled in what they deliver on time, every time.

Understanding the basic concept of what is metal stamping is a great way to get ahead of the game and give you the upper edge. Have Cadet Steel sit down and discuss all the steps involved on your next project, or give them the dimensions and specs and leave it to the professionals to determine what will be the best options and strategies for your next project. Cadet Steel is just a phone call away for all the information you need.

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