Vocademy, Filling The Gap and Training Workers for Metal Fabrication

industry-569100_960_720From beginner to expert and everything in the middle, Vocademy is filling the gap and training workers for metal fabrication and anything else you can imagine. What is Vocademy you ask? Well, it is the world’s first education-focused makerspace. Vocademy is the best parts of makerspaces, school shop classes, trade schools, R&D labs, dream garages, etc., all in one spot. It is for everyone, including schools, businesses, companies, and students. Create amazing ideas while contributing to the world with the latest and top technologies in metal fabrication and more with the vision of Vocademy by your side. If you have ever dreamed about a job in metal fabrication, or you have a business and would like to train your workers in metal fabrication, then look into this amazing creation to see what it all entails. There is a 15,000+ square foot, climate controlled facility, office type environment, great location, state-of-the-art industrial arts tools, approximately a mile from UCR and restaurants, and free tours on the hour. Vocademy is filling the gap and training workers for metal fabrication with growing numbers of graduates and happy companies that love the results.

There are six welding stations, six Miller MIG Welders, Plasma Cutter, Bandsaw, Chop Saws, and TIG & O/A are on their way. Get the training and education you deserve in a setting that encourages maximum learning and exceptional skills that will ensure you land a job quickly in metal fabrication or your desired field. Vocademy provides access to tools, in-depth classes which allow the growing population of “makers” to learn and develop any ideas big or small or out of this world. You get to be your creative self, and they are a viable solution to the country’s skilled workforce shortage by providing practical, industry-based training, without the limitations and politics of everyday schools. Students of all ages will get hands on, first rate experience to help them become the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Vocademy is one complete solution to a fantastic outcome for the talent that is right in front of all of us. This is the first step for getting valuable training that still allows you to work or sets the stage for a great career at the top of the line welding or fabrication shops such as Cadet Steel. Vocademy has two more expansion plans already in the works and is always on the move for greater expansion to other areas as well. Be part of an innovative idea, get the training in metal fabrication that you desire and land the job or career of your dreams while doing and creating amazing concepts and ideas that are satisfying and enjoyable. After all, when we are crafting and doing the things we love, everything else will fall into place. Check out the upcoming events, classes, and membership plans that are available online and help Vocademy fill the gap by training workers for the best careers in metal fabrication today. This is an exciting and interesting time to be a part of something big!

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