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Using CAD Software in Custom Steel Fabrication

Steel Fabrication

At Cadet Steel in Denver, we know that using CAD software in custom steel fabrication has changed the way our industry designs and manufactures parts and components for various projects and applications. We use CAD extensively because we find it to be a great benefit to the production process.

Before CAD

It may seem like forever ago, but before CAD (computer-aided design) custom steel fabrication could take a long time. Designers did everything by hand using pencils, paper, rulers, compasses, and more to get their work drafted. It was time-consuming and cumbersome. If changes needed to be made, the process was often slow and tedious. Customers would be forced to wait for quite a bit of time before actually having their product finished because the design process could take so long. This led to people attempting to automate the design process.

CAD Origins

Originally, CAD was developed for the specific purpose of designing automobiles. This was after a number of attempts in the 1960s. After its great success in the auto industry, CAD technology spread to other areas such as manufacturing, aerospace, and electronics. Because CAD could be used to draft designs much more easily than the manual way, CAD software use became highly popular and remains widely used today in custom metal fabrication.

CAD Usage Today

Using CAD software in custom steel fabrication is frequently used today to assist with the design process. Additionally, many places also use 3D modeling. The combination helps to save time, allowing for a better sense of the product and an easier view of finer details as well as 360˚ model rotation. Additionally, internal features of a part can also be easily viewed whereas these details were not often frequently available when steel fabrication designs were done manually.

Additional Benefits of CAD

CAD can be used to run simulations which can be a huge benefit in manufacturing. CAD can simulate how a part will move through the production process, how a feed rate will work, as well as positioning of clamps on the part during the processing.

CAD can also help a manufacturer determine limiting factors of a machine being used to produce a part. CAD files can often be imported and used in the programming software for some machines. This helps with the metal fabrication timetable because many machines do not require manual programming. In some instance programming of the machines cannot be accomplished without CAD files. In the long run, CAD files can be a huge cost savings for manufacturers and for customers who need the final products.

Here at Cadet Steel, we find that CAD helps us find the most efficient and effective ways to meet a customer’s needs. CAD helps us offer our customers cost-effective production and also helps us with quality control on every run. This ensures that the first run of a customer’s fabrication job is the same as the last run, for each and every customer.

At Cadet Steel in Denver, we know that using CAD software in custom steel fabrication helps us better serve our customers. If you have a metal fabrication project that needs experience and expertise, contact us today to get started.

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