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Types of custom fabricated steels awnings for commercial settings

Many people immediately think of prefabricated canvas and steel residential window and patio products when they hear the word “awnings.” Yet, they often see without realizing examples of commercial awnings every day in the following settings:

  • Above windows or a patio: These traditional arrangements are typically designed to keep sunlight out of an interior room or outdoor dining or relaxation area. That said, you might design purely decorative awnings that allow sunlight to pass through a steel framework made of clean modern lines or traditional filigree forms.
  • Near an entry/exit: In commercial areas, awnings are also a popular addition above an interior or exterior door or a pathway near a door. The design for either type might consist of merely a steel framework or combine steel with other materials like canvas, a secondary metal or glass.
  • Separate from buildings: Awnings can also serve shade or decorative functions in any areas where you want to create gathering spaces without erecting a complete building. For example, parks often have covered picnic area awnings and mall and grocery vendors often use awnings outside of stores in major thoroughfares.

Of course, our expert team at Cadet Steel can create custom awnings for other purposes for any Denver commercial or even residential customer. We can also use our design software to create new and complex awning shapes. For more information about these and other custom steel fabrication services, call us today.

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