Stainless Steel Plate Fabrication


At Cadet Steel, our stainless steel plate fabrication is by far superior to anywhere else because we have the most talented and skilled fabricators to get the job done right. Stainless steel plate fabrication is easy when you have Cadet Steel on your side, and our 12,000 square foot shop can accommodate any size project you have, big or small. Besides stainless steel plate fabrication, we also offer shearing, forming, rolling, design and more using only fine materials such as carbon, steel, aluminum and stainless. These materials are strong, durable and will bring your idea to a new level.

At Cadet Steel we get your projects done on time and according to your time schedules. Fill out our form online to get started and we will get back to you immediately on a solution, or bring your ideas on paper to us and let us go over the dimensions and specifications of your stainless steel plate fabrication idea, and we will come up with a great plan to achieve it. Cadet Steel serves the entire Rocky Mountain Region, and our name says it all, simple and to the point. Call us today for more information on what we do and be sure to check out our photo gallery online for inspiration.

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