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Industries That Use of Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication is used in many different industries for a wide number of applications. In fact, even if a specific industry doesn’t make direct use of metal fabrication for their products, they are likely using things such as furniture, utensils, tools, and other items that are made by metal fabrication. Here are some of the industries that directly use metal fabrication on a regular basis to create their products or to support their services.

The Shipping Industry

Nearly every aspect of shipping makes use of metal fabrication in some way. Whether it’s the fasteners and clasps that hold shipping containers shut and in place or the ships themselves, you’ll find fabricated parts everywhere. In addition to using fabricated metal parts, there’s also the fact that a huge volume of fabricated metal is shipped around the world on a daily basis.


The manufacturing industry, of course, makes heavy use out of metal fabrication. Everything from the materials used to build buildings and other structures to the parts needed in various machines and electronic devices can be made using metal fabrication. A list of everything that includes fabricated metal parts would be pages and pages long. Wires, springs, clips, fasteners, and many other small items are fabricated, but so are large structural beams and other building materials. Many of these items are used in the machines used in various other industries. Because of this, it’s not a stretch to say nearly every single industry makes use of fabricated metal in some way.

The Auto Industry and Other Very Specialized Industries

There are many very specialized industries that focus on one specific product. In the auto industry, for example, there are many specialized parts that are only used in vehicles. Some of these parts are even more specialized in that they’re only used in certain types of vehicles or in certain models. In this industry, there are many Original Equipment Manufacturing or OEM parts that are made specifically for certain cars or models. Fabrication allows auto manufacturers to quickly produce these specific parts. It also helps the consumer by making it easy to find replacement parts.

Computers, Smart Phones, and Other Electronic Devices

Why can everyone buy a smartphone or computer today when it wasn’t that long ago that these machines were expensive, gigantic devices that took up entire rooms? Metal fabrication is one of the reasons why electronic devices are everywhere and are much more affordable than they once were. The components used in the hardware for these devices can be quickly and easily fabricated. Hard drive enclosures, monitor parts, motherboards, and much more are created by fabrication.

The flexibility of metal fabrication and its ability to create both very small and very large components is another reason why new technology can quickly go from a test model to a widely available product. The components in a smartphone, for example, are very small and would be incredibly difficult to machine by hand. The computers that control the various fabrication machines, however, have no problem creating these tiny parts to very exact specifications.

The Construction Industry

As previously mentioned, the construction industry does make heavy use of fabricated metal for support beams and other materials. Some of the most common places to find fabricated metal components is in fire escapes, decking, and stairways. However, they are also found in many of the systems that keep buildings safe and comfortable. HVAC machinery, for example, uses a large number of fabricated components. Ductwork is often fabricated in large batches because so much of it is needed. In specific instances where standard ductwork is too large or small, though, metal fabrication can be used to create specialized ductwork very quickly and without much additional cost.


Metal fabrication plays a role in farming, too. The equipment used may contain parts made via fabrication. Metal feeders, livestock pens, and other tools also make use of fabricated fasteners and components. Of course, the tractors, trucks, and other vehicles used on farms also make use of many of the fabricated components used in the auto industry.

Aerospace Applications

The aerospace industry makes use of metal fabrication in many of the same ways as other industries do, but they also take advantage of two benefits of fabrication. First, components used in planes and other applications must properly fit in place and function correctly at all times. Otherwise, lives can be put at risk. Because of this, parts need to be replaced often, and fabrication makes it possible to get these replacement parts quickly.

Second, original parts are often needed for specific aerospace applications, including space applications. Quickly fabricating these unique parts helps reduce the time needed between the design and launch of a project.

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