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Finding a metal fabrication company

Here at Cadet Steel in Denver, we know that there’s a lot that goes into choosing a metal fabrication company. Metal fabrication services can vary greatly between companies. For example, some focus on providing bulk production for a low cost while others allow for a large amount of customization. Some metal fabrication companies are highly specialized while others offer a broad range of services.

So, depending on your needs, budget and timeline, here are a few considerations when choosing the metal fabrication company that is right for you.

Consider the Capabilities

Consider whether the space the company offers is enough to meet your metal fabrication needs without running the risk of problems. Additionally, it would be helpful to confirm that the materials you need are ones the company works with regularly.  You want a company that can manage the size and thickness of the product you need as well as one that has experience with the material you want to use.

Services Offered

It is good to explore what options the company offers with respect to productions services. Some companies may not offer the host of services you require. Maybe you are looking for CAD design services or maybe you have a prototype that will need a specific finish. Having an upfront understanding of the services you require will help ensure you are choosing a company that can truly do the work you need.


In the metal manufacturing business, experience matters a great deal. It is important that the metal fabrication company that you choose has enough experience to avoid costly mistakes. It can be helpful to inquire about how they have improved their operations over the years. Finding out about similar projects that the company has handled and getting references from previous customers can be useful. If you want a metal fabrication company with a great deal of experience, we here at Cadet Steel in Denver are an excellent choice.

Customer Service

When choosing a metal fabrication company, you want to do business with professionals who take time to fully understand your needs and takes the details that are important to you seriously. At Cadet, we’ll work closely with your team from start to finish to ensure your absolute satisfaction.


Comparing price is important but be sure you understand the whole picture. Be sure that you compare apples to apples or at least fully understand the difference in what you are getting. Some metal fabrication companies may charge more because they offer more customization while others may use a higher quality metal and more precise cutting tools.


Being close to your metal fabrication company can have some definite advantages. It can save you on shipping costs and it can allow you some additional control over the product. Maybe the location is closer to your customers which can also be a benefit. It is important to choose a location that makes sense for your needs.

Choosing a metal fabrication company is important when it comes to getting the quality of work you need. Contact us here Cadet Steel in Denver for your metal fabrication needs and let’s get started on your next project right away.

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