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At Cadet Steel in Denver, we are experts in many different finishing services in metal manufacturing. These different processes involve making the final metal surface look better and more beautiful. We can provide various services to realize various styles and achieve any purpose for our customers. Below are some metal fabrications finishing services that can be used for your next project at Cadet Steel in Denver.

Metal Plating

This finishing service involves a chemical bath to alter or coat the metal’s surface. An electroplating method can be used where electric current is used to coat the substrate. Metal plating can make a product’s exterior more attractive and durable. It can help the product be more resistant to corrosion, and it can improve the surface friction. Plating does not usually do a particularly good job of smoothing out surfaces, so it’s not typically used for components that need a flat, even finish.

Brushed Metal

To make a surface smooth or remove imperfections, brushed metal can be a good process to use. A brushed metal finishing machine helps create a uniform surface texture to smooth out the exterior of the product. Sometimes this process involves a wire brush or an abrasive belt. The belted brush will move in one direction to create a parallel surface texture. It can also create rounded edges.

Buff Polishing

A buff-polishing machine is used for components that need a non-textured or smooth finish. A cloth wheel is used to buff the product to a nice, glossy finish. This type of finishing is frequently used for more decorative products that will benefit from having such an attractive finish. Using buff polishing will also create rounded edges. This process is not generally used with products that are fragile or intricate.

Grinding Machines

Also, on the list of finishing services in metal fabrication is the use of grinding machines. There are several different types that are used to achieve different finishes on a product. Grinding machines will smooth a surface using compression, friction, and attrition. One example is a ball-grinding mill. This is a great grinder to use on cement products that need a smoother finish.

Metal Vibratory Finishing

Metal vibratory finishing machines will remove sharp edges or deburr a product. This is accomplished using a tumbling vibration of abrasive substrate and pellets. The process creates a random but uniform texture.


If a uniform matte texture is required for a component, then sandblasting is the finishing service you need to achieve it. Sandblasting is particularly effective on soft metals that need a clean, smooth texture. It uses sand, pellets, or other abrasive to achieve the final texture.

At Cadet Steel in Denver, we use a variety of finishing services in metal fabrication. If you need a metal part or component created for your business or project, simply get in touch. We have over 40 years of experience in custom metal fabrication and can produce the product you need at a competitive price.

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