Why Choose Custom Metal Fabrication

welder Cadet SteelWhy choose custom metal fabrication? That’s a good question. At Cadet Steel in Denver, we understand that going with a stock metal form may seem like a quick and easy way to meet your needs for a component. However, there are a number of reasons why having a custom part fabricated to your specifications might serve your business better. Let’s take a look.

Lasts and Works Longer

Custom metal fabrication ensures that the product will serve your exact needs and be able to withstand the stress of its expected use. A stock metal product is produced to a very basic standard. Custom fabrication enables you to select from a variety of available alloys and hone in on the one that will work best for your needs while creating a higher quality part.

For example, if your business is processing ocean-caught fish and need a part for your line, plain steel that is frequently used for stock metal parts would obviously not last very long. Salt water corrodes steel. A custom metal fabrication shop, like Cadet Steel, enables you to choose an appropriate grade of steel that could withstand salt water exposure. This simple shift could greatly extend the life of the metal product and reduce your cost over time.

Fits Best with Existing Components

While stock sheet metal forms work well for standardized parts, we find that specialized designs are more helpful for the production processes of many businesses. Customizing the shape and size can often ensure the best outcome. For example, an electronics manufacturer needs housing for a new circuit board. A custom metal fabricator could ensure that it fits both the available space and the board as closely as possible. There would be no need to redesign or force-fit anything into a standard housing component.

Custom metal fabrication ensures that the pieces meet your business needs perfectly and if items will be used for more than one process, custom is your best bet for ensuring that the metal components will work for all your needs.

Supports Overall Productivity

Custom metal fabricators ensure that the design of the required product meets your exact needs in ways that are also efficient. At Cadet Steel, we look at what the component will be used for, where it will be used and how it can be engineered to make your processes more cost-effective. An experienced fabricator looks at the bigger picture and offers suggestions beyond creating a part for “Step 1” of your manufacturing process. A true expert sees all the way down the line to the final step, then fabricates a part that doesn’t just fulfill your initial request but can improve your overall speed, accuracy and productivity.

Why choose custom metal fabrication? Because it can help your business in some possibly surprising ways such as production increases, labor and time decreases, as well as money savings for your bottom line. If you require metal fabrication for your unique needs, contact us at Cadet Steel in Denver. We’ll produce the product you need for the right price.

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