Custom metal post fabrication

Cheap is not the “best”

Everyone wants a great deal. Some make it a mission to use the very cheapest quote on every job; however, it’s crucial to consider workmanship with certain projects, including metal fabrication.

As you look at quotes on your project, you may be tempted to take the lowest offer. Think carefully, and take into account:

  • Experience & Qualifications. If it’s a newcomer to the field or their portfolio is sub-par, you may want to spend more for quality.
  • Employee Dedication. Does their team include true craftspeople who are passionate about the finished products?
  • Hidden Costs. Sometimes a company initially bids low, then tacks on additional fees later. Or they do a very poor job on the fabrication and there is no guarantee in place, so you have to start over and pay more anyway.

It’s so important to do research and ask to see a portfolio of past work or samples. Not all companies are equal when it comes to the artistry of high-quality metal fabrication. Follow your instincts in choosing the right company, even if the end cost is higher than other quotes.

With years of experience and happy clients, Denver’s Cadet Steel is proud to offer you not only a fair price but stellar workmanship and on-time service. Contact us for your fabrication needs today!

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