Why Cadet Steel Uses CNC Plasma Cutting

Why Cadet Steel Uses CNC Plasma Cutting Cadet Steel DenverToday, we want to share why Cadet Steel uses CNC plasma cutting. Computer numerical control (CNC) plasma cutting, has actually been around for over 30 years but was originally cost prohibitive for many businesses. The cost of owning one has come down substantially making it more accessible in more manufacturing and construction settings.

There are a number of benefits to using this approach which is why Cadet Steel uses CNC plasma cutting. Here are a few of the reasons we like it and think that it helps us produce better quality work for our customers.

Precision and Accuracy

Given proper measurements, one of the big reasons why Cadet Steel uses CNC plasma cutting is because this method is accurate and very precise. The plasma cutter has a number of gears which ensure that the cutter stays exactly in place. Plus, CNC plasma cutters are computer controlled. The software and measurements are stored and the cuts are sharp and clean.

More Metals

Varying thicknesses and metal materials are generally no problem for a CNC cutting machine. CNC plasma cutters can be used for both ferrous and non-ferrous materials of varying thickness. The plasma cutter still cuts through with ease while maintaining complete accuracy. The flexibility of the CNC plasma cutting machine is what makes it such a great addition to manufacturing, construction, and metal fabrication.

Quick Easy Operation

The cutting speed of a CNC is remarkably quick, slicing through up to 500 inches a minute. Additionally, these cutters do not need to be pre-heated. This makes for a fast cutting process and easy operation.

CNC plasma cutting machines work with a computer. It uses a digital drawing to then quickly and accurately reproduce the drawing. The combination makes these machines highly versatile for a variety of industries and applications.


CNC plasma cutters are incredibly user-friendly and can be used by metal fabricators after brief and easy training. Additionally, they don’t need complicated or time-consuming adjustments that other machines sometimes require. Given that the machinery is more affordable, easy to use, and low maintenance, CNC plasma cutters are an excellent addition to our business, enabling us to complete more projects on time and on budget.

If you want a metal fabricator who is on the cutting edge, contact us here at Cadet Steel in Denver for your metal fabrication needs.

Secure and Safe

CNC plasma cutters have increased safety for users. Certain machines can sometimes be hard on operators. Some produce smoke, others produce heavy smells. CNC plasma cutters have a downward draft system. This system keeps smoke away from the operator making it a safer system to use in metal fabrication.


There are a wide variety of CNC plasma cutting machines available. Some will even connect up with personal computers. The variety allows metal fabricators to choose the kind of CNC plasma cutter that is best for their business.

We know why Cadet Steel uses CNC plasma cutting—it allows us to serve our customers better and meet their metal fabrication needs quickly and accurately. Contact us here at our Denver shop if you have metal fabrication needs. Let’s get started on your next project.

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