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Within the pages of our metal fabrication blog you’ll find helpful articles and interesting insights about everything that’s related to welding, plasma cutting, shearing, bending, plate rolling and finishing services.

CAD drawing metal fabrication

Do you know what CAD used to be?

We’ll come to the modern meaning in a moment. It’s quite amusing to go back in time to when ‘cad’ was an extremely derogatory term. The official historical description was ‘a man who behaves dishonourably’. Other terms used in its description include ‘good for nothing’, ‘charlatan’, ‘trickster’ and even ‘wastrel’. The difference between the word…
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Metal fabrication in Denver

Shearing is such a versatile action to take

Our team is often asked about shearing – what it is and what it does. First of all, some people know it as die-cutting. It’s the action where straight cuts are made to flat metal stock. As we said earlier, it is a versatile process. For example, blanking is the term used when the final…
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Plasma cutting fabrication

Reasons to outsource plasma cutting services

Some manufacturing companies consider taking their plasma cutting in-house, to save on costs and control the production process. Unfortunately, if you don’t have the experience and knowledge required in plasma cutting, it is wise to outsource. Outsourcing has a lot of added benefits for your company including: • It saves you the initial cost of…
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CAD design metal fabrication

Why you need to select an ISO Certified Fabrication Company

When looking for a metal fabrication company near you, the chances are that you will find many available options. This can make it difficult to settle on one. However, the best way to narrow down your search is to identify those with ISO certification. Having an ISO certification indicates that the company meets world-class regulatory…
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Custom metal fabrication near me

Bending, rolling and finishing – not as athletic as it sounds!

We know these three terms can sound like a complicated athletic and thoroughly gymnastic maneuver – our muscles are complaining just at the thought of it – but these are actually three of the metal fabrication processes we carry out here. Bending can create a V or U shaped channel in sheet metal. (Plate) rolling…
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Metal fabrication in Denver CO

How metal fabrication is performed

Metal fabrication is a process of building structures and machines from raw materials. It is a complex process that requires a high level of skill and experience. Below is a step by step process on how metal fabrication is performed. Step 1: Specification of the project First, you need to define the type of product…
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Cutting torch Cadet Steel Denver Co

What are the advantages of plasma cutting over oxy-fuel cutting?

Both plasma cutting and oxy-fuel cutting are metal cutting techniques. For welding-related activities such as metal fabrication, the two are often applicable. Oxy cutting is the most popular method used in construction sites due to its portability. However, in terms of precision and time, plasma cutting proves more advantageous. In plasma cutting, no metal preheating…
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Plasma cutting Cadet Steel Denver

What exactly is plasma cutting?

We’re often asked this. If it’s a youngster you can see the hope in their eyes that as it’s ‘plasma’ we’ll talk about space ships and aliens and the like. Although we’re sorry to disappoint them, we still think it’s an exciting and valuable process. Plasma cutting is best described as a process to cut…
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custom steel fabrication

Reliable and safe metal handrails

Winter is characterized by the cold and icy weather which can sometimes cause serious injuries and falls, incidents that could have easily been avoided. Based in Denver, Cadet Steel offers the safest metal handrails for this season and beyond. This means you can feel safe when venturing outdoors, as the supporting metal can guide you…
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Metal fabrication in Denver

Quality Control in Metal Fabrication

The key to many successful projects in every industry is quality control, and this is an extremely important component of the metal fabrication process, as well. Quality control is the top priority for the premier Denver metal fabrication company, Cadet Steel. Custom steel fabrication is done right and done well when the proper operational steps…
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metal fabrication cutting Cadet Steel Denver

What is CAD Design?

Computer-aided design (CAD) is the use of computer technology to create, modify, analyze, and optimize a design. CAD is used in a wide variety of industries to create 3D models, apply light effects and materials, and document designs. Using CAD in your industry helps create quality parts that can be used in manufacturing, building, architecture,…
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welding diamond steel Cadet Steel Denver

Welding is an art

A welder must have a keen eye and intense focus when joining two pieces of metal together. The life of a metal fabrication company depends on how well a welder can accomplish this. It takes years to master the art of welding and making sure that every weld will hold up strong and last decades,…
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