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Within the pages of our metal fabrication blog you’ll find helpful articles and interesting insights about everything that’s related to welding, plasma cutting, shearing, bending, plate rolling and finishing services.

welding fabrication

Types of custom fabricated steels awnings for commercial settings

Many people immediately think of prefabricated canvas and steel residential window and patio products when they hear the word “awnings.” Yet, they often see without realizing examples of commercial awnings every day in the following settings: Above windows or a patio: These traditional arrangements are typically designed to keep sunlight out of an interior room…
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Metal fab grinding

Why do our technicians deburr metal?

Fabricated metal pieces normally have rough, uneven surfaces before a metal fabrication technician proceeds with the metal finishing process. The tech uses deburring equipment to smooth away excess metal or “burrs” from flat and edged surfaces. Deburring offers the following benefits: Safety: Smoother surfaces protect technicians, clients and/or future end-users from damaging their clothing or…
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Custom metal pressing

How does local custom steel fabrication save you money?

It’s sometimes difficult for people to estimate time and money savings involved with steel fabrication because non-local fabricators supply base costs and then charge every step of the way. With a local custom steel fabrication project, you receive the following benefits: Custom metal fabrication firms have in-house designers and computer systems. Instead of coordinating the…
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Plasma cutting fabrication

The art of metal fabrication

Many people are surprised to learn that custom metal fabrication is a form of art. Although fabricators use CAD software to generate custom designs, it takes an artistic, creative and imaginative person to bring your ideas into existence both on the computer screen and in real life. As with any art form, a master of…
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I need metal stamping

Types of finishing

Metal finishing is essential for precision tools and custom steel fabrication since it helps in minimizing the wear and tear of metallic products. Additionally, it not only improves electrical conductivity but also enhances a product’s resistance to torque. Here are some common types of finishing for metal fabrication. Metal plating- used to coat or alter…
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CAD design metal fabrication

Why using CAD design software is such a great idea

AD (computer-aided design) has, over the last few years, become a staple of engineering and manufacturing processes. Your starting point might be a simple sketch, or you may have developed a prototype, but it’s also possible that what you are seeking is still an idea needing to be firmed-up. From such basic starting points, CAD…
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custom handrails fabrication

Importance of metal finishing

When it comes to metal fabrication, finishing is the most essential and final step in prepping your products for use. Metal finishing not only makes your metal products more resistant to corrosion but also adds an extra layer of durability to them. Additionally, finishing ensures your final product is tarnish, chemical, and electrical resistant. Therefore,…
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Plasma cutting in Denver

What is the ‘fourth state of matter’?

The ‘fourth state of matter’ refers to plasma – with solids, liquids, and gases being the first three states. The term might sound like something amazing from the latest sci-fi blockbuster. However, on a much more down-to-earth level, it’s also a key process used in metal fabrication services. Plasma in this instance is a high-velocity…
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Custom metal pressing

How much customization is possible?

At Cadet Steel, our team uses CAD design software to help our clients fully realize their metal fabrication goals. It doesn’t matter if you already have a diagram, sketch or prototype or simply an idea in mind. We’re able to fabricate nearly anything you desire. Past projects have included the creation of custom: Pipes Air…
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Need a welder

Essential welding safety tips you should observe

Welding is a simple process that anyone can perform either as professional or a passionate welder. All it takes is to ensure you have the general skills of welding. But, remember, it’s always wise to hire a professional since they can observe safety and deliver quality work. Below are some safety tips for welding you…
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Steel fabrication

The process of welding explained

This was a recent request to one of our team. Working with the process every day, it’s easy to assume that everyone knows exactly what it involves. That’s not the case, so here goes… Welding involves joining material together using the lower-temperature technique of fusion. A filler is added and both heated and cooled to…
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Custom metal post fabrication

Benefits of structural steel

You can use structural steel products in various industrial applications, and they can be combined with other elements to increase their durability. Steel fabrication is the process of cutting, joining, and bending steel with a high degree of accuracy to design complex structures that meet your industry’s needs. Here are some benefits of using structural…
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