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Within the pages of our metal fabrication blog you’ll find helpful articles and interesting insights about everything that’s related to welding, plasma cutting, shearing, bending, plate rolling and finishing services.

Custom metal pressing

How much customization is possible?

At Cadet Steel, our team uses CAD design software to help our clients fully realize their metal fabrication goals. It doesn’t matter if you already have a diagram, sketch or prototype or simply an idea in mind. We’re able to fabricate nearly anything you desire. Past projects have included the creation of custom: Pipes Air…
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Need a welder

Essential welding safety tips you should observe

Welding is a simple process that anyone can perform either as professional or a passionate welder. All it takes is to ensure you have the general skills of welding. But, remember, it’s always wise to hire a professional since they can observe safety and deliver quality work. Below are some safety tips for welding you…
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Steel fabrication

The process of welding explained

This was a recent request to one of our team. Working with the process every day, it’s easy to assume that everyone knows exactly what it involves. That’s not the case, so here goes… Welding involves joining material together using the lower-temperature technique of fusion. A filler is added and both heated and cooled to…
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Custom metal post fabrication

Benefits of structural steel

You can use structural steel products in various industrial applications, and they can be combined with other elements to increase their durability. Steel fabrication is the process of cutting, joining, and bending steel with a high degree of accuracy to design complex structures that meet your industry’s needs. Here are some benefits of using structural…
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I need metal stamping

At the end of the year let’s think about finishing

If you are lucky enough to enjoy a break over the festive season, it’s a fair bet that, before you leave work, you’ll want to complete all the tasks you can and leave everything ready for a fresh start in 2020. With metal fabrication work, finishing is also a key part of the process. Your…
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Metal fabrication in Denver

Benefits of powder coating in metal fabrication

Before regarding your metal fabrication work as a final product, you should always consider powder coating. Unlike paint, powder coating is a more advanced option that well finishes your metal fabrication projects. One thumb up for using powder coating is that it’s more efficient. You don’t have to wait for the powder to dry before…
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CAD drawing metal fabrication

Metal fabrication job quotes: Choose carefully, not just low-cost

Everyone wants a great deal. Some make it a mission to use the very cheapest quote on every job; however, it’s crucial to consider workmanship with certain projects, including metal fabrication. As you look at quotes on your project, you may be tempted to take the lowest offer. Think carefully, and take into account: Experience…
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metal fab work near me

Carbon Steel vs. Stainless Steel

When deciding what to do for your next metal fabrication project, one thing you need to consider is whether you will use carbon steel or stainless steel. Appearance-wise, both metals can be polished and sanded until they are shiny. Carbon steel needs to be covered with a clear coat of paint after cleaning to prevent…
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Metal fabrication

Trends in metal fabrication

Technology has seen the metal fabrication industry grow in leaps and bounds. Some of the metal fabrication trends that are bound to change the sector include automation, tube laser technology, and 3D printing. The metal fabrication industry is continuously adopting new ways of merging automation with worker productivity. Tube laser technology has some advantages over…
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Metal fab grinding

What is deburring?

Deburring is a process in metal fabrication that involves removing the sharp edges that are formed when metal is saw cut or sheared. Burrs are the razor-sharp edges of cut metal that are raised just above the material. Using newer technology like laser cutting reduces but does not eliminate burrs. Many customers are very particular…
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Plasma cutting Cadet Steel Denver

Facts about plasma cutting you don’t know

Plasma cutting is quite advantageous compared to other methods of welding. It provides ease in cutting, which is usually not the case. There are various misconceptions surrounding plasma cutting that make industries forgo the process. Here are some facts about plasma cutting. Plasma cutting is suitable for all types of materials. Plasma cutters have a…
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Cutting torch Cadet Steel Denver Co

Different categories of metal fabrication you should know

Metal fabrication comes in three different types. Each category is determined by the final product being fabricated or the technique used during the process of fabrication. The three categories include: Commercial Industrial Structural With commercial metal fabrication, you will find products designed for consumer use. Cars and home appliances are the best examples of consumer…
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