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Within the pages of our metal fabrication blog you’ll find helpful articles and interesting insights about everything that’s related to welding, plasma cutting, shearing, bending, plate rolling and finishing services.

CAD drawing metal fabrication

What exactly is CAD software?

CAD (computer-aided design) is software used by drafters, engineers, and metal fabricators to create technical illustrations and precision drawings. At Cadet Steel, we use CAD software to optimize fabrication, whether you bring a sketch, prototype or idea to us. Using CAD software, we’re able to increase productivity and improve the quality of design. Our goal…
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Plasma cutting Cadet Steel Denver

Metal fabrication is more than bending and cutting

Metal fabrication is a complex process involving many aspects, from cutting and welding to forming and assembly. It requires a skilled expert to create building machines or structures that meet a client’s needs and can withstand harsh conditions. Additionally, quality metal fabrication requires state-of-the-art machines and manual tools to create various components and metal objects.…
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I need metal stamping

What to look for in a metal fabrication company

When choosing a company to complete your metal fabrication needs, it is essential that you ask questions and do your research. Look for a company that: Offers custom metal fabrication including shearing, CNC cutting and welding Can work with a wide variety of structural materials Has years of experience and a great work ethic, with previous…
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Plasma cutting in Denver

Why plasma cutting became popular

Although taken for granted today, plasma cutting, a process which cuts through electrically conductive materials using an accelerated jet of hot plasma, is a relatively recent development. It was only introduced around the time man was preparing to set foot on the Moon. As an off-shoot of plasma welding, it was only fully recognized as…
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Custom metal fabrication near me

Why you should outsource your company’s metal fabrication

Generally, companies decide to outsource to reduce costs and focus on other core functions in the business. However, when it comes to metal fabrication, outsourcing proves more beneficial. Not only does it mean that you don’t have to invest in costly equipment, but it also means you don’t have to maintain a workforce to produce…
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Custom metal work

Don’t hire any metal fabrication company, hire an expert

Are you looking for a metal fabrication company? If so, you’ve probably stumbled upon a few profiles online. However, you should never hire any steel fabrication company simply because they provide welding, bending, or plasma cutting services. Instead, it’s wise to look for an expert with years of experience in the metal fabrication industry. Only…
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Steel fabrication

Reasons why your metal products don’t meet your needs

Your company needs certain metal objects to function and operate smoothly. To create them, you decide to hire a metal fabrication company. However, upon delivery of your custom metal products, you realize they’re of poor quality and don’t meet your needs. If you’re wondering why, it could be because: You hired an inexperienced custom steel…
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metal fab work near me

What’s involved in metal fabrication?

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to make a particular product from metal, here’s your answer. The first step in any project is design. You have to formulate a design that is functional and possible. The second stage is building the design. The fabricator will need measurements from the design to create the right…
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Welding services

Best types of metal for welding

There are a number of choices available regarding the type of metal you can use for metal fabrication. Here are some of the best choices: Low carbon mild steel – For custom steel fabrication, this metal is perfect because it is extremely weldable. This is an extremely common metal for welding. Aluminum – Another common…
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Custom metal post fabrication

The secret to success in metal fabrication

Do you want to construct a structure or metal object from raw materials? If so, it might be time to consider metal fabrication. Metal fabrication companies use processes such as assembling, bending, and cutting to create a wide variety of components to meet your desired design. However, the success of your steel fabrication depends on:…
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Welding services

Everything you need to know about metal fabrication

In this blog post, we answer everything you’ve ever wanted to know about metal fabrication. How is metal fabrication completed? By using both manual tools and state-of-the-art machines, metal fabrication is used to create a wide variety of metal components and objects. How are the tools used? The tools are used to cut, bend, and…
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Best Metal fabrication Denver

Advantages of shearing

Shearing is a metal fabrication process that involves cutting in, cutting out, or cutting off a piece of sheet metal. Metal shearing is a great alternative to chiseling and sawing because it provides an array of advantages. These include: It’s fast No metal is removed from the material The way of cutting can be curve-shaped…
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