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Within the pages of our metal fabrication blog you’ll find helpful articles and interesting insights about everything that’s related to welding, plasma cutting, shearing, bending, plate rolling and finishing services.

Steel fabrication

Custom metal fabrication doesn’t always involve large construction projects

Experienced custom metal fabricators are often associated with art-installation, architectural, commercial, industrial, and other large construction projects. Yet, they can help business and homeowners with smaller projects as well. A top metal fabrication firm can help you: Reduce home and business upkeep expenses and landfill waste by recreating metal parts for older fixtures, furniture, and…
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Plasma cutting in Denver

Why plasma cutting became so popular

Plasma cutting is one of the key methods we use to deliver the finest of finished products for our customers. Plasma welding was already well established, over half a century ago, when thoughts then turned to the possibility of plasma cutting. This process became a popular way to cut sheet metal in the eighties. A…
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custom metal grinding

Fabrication and special finishing methods

The metal fabrication process concludes with finishing services to complete your fabrication project. Some of the popular finishing methods include: Grinding Polishing Painting Buffing Tumbling Surface blackening Coloring While there are numerous finishing methods, not all can apply to your metal fabrication project as metals have different characteristics. For instance, metals with low heat conductivity…
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Custom metal fabrication near me

2 misconceptions about custom steel fabrication

Searching for a quality custom steel fabrication company can be a hassle. However, knowing the difference between the truth and misconceptions can help determine your choice. Here are two common misconceptions to avoid. You require many vendors for metal fabrication. Typically, just one custom steel fabrication company can handle your entire project from start to…
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CAD drawing metal fab

It can start with a sketch

When customers approach us to discuss their needs, many might be well along the design process, might even have used CAD software to provide detailed and highly specific requirements. However, we occasionally have customers who are at the start of their thought process and, to be honest, have been reluctant to approach us at that…
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custom duct work metal fab

Requiring cylinders or cones?

As with all other metal fabrication areas, precision is the key for the delivery of such shapes. Our experienced team always appreciate that there might be a requirement for either segmented or full conical or cylindrical work. Our process sees us firstly roll either plates or sheets into the precise tubular shape you require –…
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welding fabrication

The key benefits of powder coating

Powder coating is one of the key finishing services we offer. A key reason for choosing it is in the actual finish – typically both harder and tougher than a conventional paint option. Coatings can also tend to be thicker when required, and without a liquid carrier, the problems of either sagging or running are…
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Need a welder

Welding since time immemorial

While many of the processes we use are reasonably recent in their conception and development, the same cannot be said for welding. If you are looking for processes that have – literally – stood the test of time, then welding is certainly one of these. There are examples of successful welding activities stretching right back…
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Steel fabrication

The place where fabrications are real!

It’s amazing how a single word can have two completely opposite meanings. Fabrication is a perfect example. It can mean the action and process of inventing something or a complete and total lie! The good news is that all our fabrications here at Cadet Steel are real! We use a variety of metals and steel,…
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I need metal stamping

The difference between piercing and blanking

This is a question our team are sometimes asked when discussing the use of shearing – incidentally often called die cutting. The shearing action itself delivers straight cuts on flat metal. Piercing is a process where a piece is cut and then discarded, leaving the finished component in place. The alternative to this process is…
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CAD drawing metal fabrication

What exactly is CAD software?

CAD (computer-aided design) is software used by drafters, engineers, and metal fabricators to create technical illustrations and precision drawings. At Cadet Steel, we use CAD software to optimize fabrication, whether you bring a sketch, prototype or idea to us. Using CAD software, we’re able to increase productivity and improve the quality of design. Our goal…
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Plasma cutting Cadet Steel Denver

Metal fabrication is more than bending and cutting

Metal fabrication is a complex process involving many aspects, from cutting and welding to forming and assembly. It requires a skilled expert to create building machines or structures that meet a client’s needs and can withstand harsh conditions. Additionally, quality metal fabrication requires state-of-the-art machines and manual tools to create various components and metal objects.…
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