7 Benefits to Buying Custom Metal Fabrications

Custom metal fabrications Cadet Steel DenverMetal fabrication industry growth continues on a steady incline going into 2018. Projections show a 10% increase over the previous year.

One of the key factors behind the growth of custom metal fabrications relates to the quality and price of the materials over formed plastic. The reusability and recyclability of metals over plastics continue to influence the industry.

Increasingly, companies create smaller runs of equipment and products. This matches the demand of the consumer base that wants well-built products. These same consumers also want to maintain a level of individuality, so custom end product runs become a necessity.

Metal fabrication fits the bill for these needs. By combining quality in the materials with precise form-factors, metal fabrications can deliver internal consistency while allowing external individuality.

Custom Metal Fabrications

Metal fabrication is an involved process. It shapes metal through cutting, bending, and grinding metal sheets into set forms. As a value-added industry, metal fabrication transforms cheap materials into high-quality, useful components.

The following list gives a broad idea of the benefits fo custom metal fabrications and what they add to a production run. While plastic molding may fit some of the same tasks, metal makes a better product hat also helps the environment.

1. Made to Order

Custom metal fabrications offer better alternatives for making exact to specification products. Some machines need to be reset to cut larger or smaller pieces. This is true of plastic and metal fabrication.

However, the hand worked finish of metal materials makes for faster, and cheaper, turn around on custom parts.

Injection molding and forming processes require constant resetting of large machines.

Getting something fabricated out of metal in a variety of shapes or sizes requires little more than an adjustment to the work order. We have a whole gallery of products built in the last year.

2. Professional Hand Touched Work

Hand working provides multiple benefits. First, it ensures the components fit together properly. Second, it guarantees that exact measurements are maintained.

A machine can, and will, mess up on a few projects. Hand fishing of custom metal fabrications ensures both a quality of the end product, but also that the product doesn’t snag or wear unevenly.

Craftsmen also take pride in their work and work to ensure that every grind and weld does its job.

3. Cost Effective

Working with highly trained craftsmen also provides a significant reduction in cost. Metals benefit from a solid aftermarket of recycled materials which brings down the price of materials overall.

Couple that with the lower cost of a worker adjusting what they do to the down times of large machine resets and you end up with a faster product at a lower cost.

Adjustments to custom metal fabrications also can be done without starting back from scratch. This can save costs on the back end when mistakes in order and design come up.

4. Speed Through Efficiency

The processes of drawing a design and getting it built into a working component takes less time. The process benefits from fewer machines with smaller reset periods and trained staff able to work quickly with tools and skills.

Materials can be more easily recouped and repurposed as no scrap or cutting gets tossed. Hand-tooled processes take no more time to change than to execute.

5. Right Quality for the Job

Metal exceeds plastics in terms of durability, teat resistance, and chemical weathering. Experts know the tensile strength and abrasion tolerances of the materials. This means getting the right quality of metal to effectively handle the conditions it will be placed in.

Don’t pay for more than you need. Working with custom metal fabrications means getting exactly what you need, no more and no less. The durability of metal also makes for the ability to withstand tolerances that will slowly warp other materials.

Chemical weathering causes two problems in common plastic components. The obvious one, that the material deteriorates and becomes too weak to serve its purpose. Secondly, plastics leach toxic materials when they break down, causing potential health risks.

6. Surprisingly Green

Custom metal fabrications companies have taken large steps since 2009 to become a cornerstone of Green efforts. Partially this has been accomplished by changing processes used to fabricate materials.

The other part comes from dedication to providing materials that power most other Green efforts. From solar panels to natural gas pipelines, custom metal fabrications see use. It makes the infrastructure for these industries effective and environmentally friendly.

Metal products, as mentioned, can be repurposed and reshaped. Recycling of metal has the smallest waste ratio of any recycling, meaning that more of the material gets back into circulation. Metal recycling also takes less energy than any other material.

Advances in manufacturing techniques also help. Processes such as friction welding and vacuum soldering produce fewer waste materials. They also take less energy to power than previous techniques while providing the same quality and strength.

7. Modernity

Few things beat the tensile strength of steel. This gives steel the ability to take up less space in a product than other materials.

Whether you need more space in a computer case or an engine bay, metal handles the job easier.

This strength leaves for a bit of a trade-off when it comes to style. More can be done with less, so that leaves more room for imaginative architecture in components. This adds value to a customer from a well-designed custom metal fabrication.

More Metal

When you decide you need custom metal fabrications look no further than Cadet Steel. We can custom build what you need at a price you will love. Contact us for a quote and see what we can do for you.

If you want to more about metal fabrication and what value it provides, read through our blog and see the exciting world of steel in action.

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