CAD drawing metal fab

It can start with a sketch

When customers approach us to discuss their needs, many might be well along the design process, might even have used CAD software to provide detailed and highly specific requirements. However, we occasionally have customers who are at the start of their thought process and, to be honest, have been reluctant to approach us at that…
custom duct work metal fab

Requiring cylinders or cones?

As with all other metal fabrication areas, precision is the key for the delivery of such shapes. Our experienced team always appreciate that there might be a requirement for either segmented or full conical or cylindrical work. Our process sees us firstly roll either plates or sheets into the precise tubular shape you require –…
welding fabrication

The key benefits of powder coating

Powder coating is one of the key finishing services we offer. A key reason for choosing it is in the actual finish – typically both harder and tougher than a conventional paint option. Coatings can also tend to be thicker when required, and without a liquid carrier, the problems of either sagging or running are…