Steel fabrication

The place where fabrications are real!

It’s amazing how a single word can have two completely opposite meanings. Fabrication is a perfect example. It can mean the action and process of inventing something or a complete and total lie! The good news is that all our fabrications here at Cadet Steel are real! We use a variety of metals and steel,…
I need metal stamping

The difference between piercing and blanking

This is a question our team are sometimes asked when discussing the use of shearing – incidentally often called die cutting. The shearing action itself delivers straight cuts on flat metal. Piercing is a process where a piece is cut and then discarded, leaving the finished component in place. The alternative to this process is…
CAD drawing metal fabrication

What exactly is CAD software?

CAD (computer-aided design) is software used by drafters, engineers, and metal fabricators to create technical illustrations and precision drawings. At Cadet Steel, we use CAD software to optimize fabrication, whether you bring a sketch, prototype or idea to us. Using CAD software, we’re able to increase productivity and improve the quality of design. Our goal…