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Carbon Steel vs. Stainless Steel

When deciding what to do for your next metal fabrication project, one thing you need to consider is whether you will use carbon steel or stainless steel. Appearance-wise, both metals can be polished and sanded until they are shiny. Carbon steel needs to be covered with a clear coat of paint after cleaning to prevent…
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Trends in metal fabrication

Technology has seen the metal fabrication industry grow in leaps and bounds. Some of the metal fabrication trends that are bound to change the sector include automation, tube laser technology, and 3D printing. The metal fabrication industry is continuously adopting new ways of merging automation with worker productivity. Tube laser technology has some advantages over…
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What is deburring?

Deburring is a process in metal fabrication that involves removing the sharp edges that are formed when metal is saw cut or sheared. Burrs are the razor-sharp edges of cut metal that are raised just above the material. Using newer technology like laser cutting reduces but does not eliminate burrs. Many customers are very particular…